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Autopsy: cause of death of a Form 1 Mukumu Girls student

Wendu Abetti Oyugi, a form one pupil at Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls High School, died of gastritis, according to a postmortem performed on Monday evening, March 3. The minor’s intestines bled due to inflammation, according to pathologist Titus Ngulungu. The medical practitioner claimed that the pupil had ingested a toxic product when explaining the situation.

“After examination of the body, l have formed the opinion that the deceased died because of gastritis. However, l have collected more samples for toxicology tests at the government chemist to ascertain what caused the stomach inflammation,” Ngulungu stated.

Mukumu Girls

According to reports, after Wendu’s condition worsened, the school management informed her. She was told to come fetch her up on Thursday, March 30.

The 14-year-old form one student was treated and discharged from a nearby hospital for a suspected bacterial infection.

What led to the closure of Mukumu Girls

Despite getting medical attention from a nearby hospital, the patient’s situation worsened. She died after being transferred to another facility for further treatment.

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