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Moses Wetangula Speaker of the national assembly

Wetangula promises  MPs’ mortgages and car allowances.

Moses Wetangula, the speaker of the national assembly, has told lawmakers that their mortgage rights and car allowances will be preserved following talks (SRC).
On the opening day of a seven-day retreat for new MPs held at the Safari Park hotel, Wetangula stated that he would seek out the SRC and think carefully about returning the advantages MPs had been receiving.

As Speaker, he promised the lawmakers that he would see to it that the reform was carried through, and even if there were adjustments, they wouldn’t be significant.

Nobody in their right mind will tamper with your car allowances, mileage reimbursements, mortgage, and everything else you have been receiving, according to Wetangula, because those things are your entitlement.

“And as your speaker, I’ll make sure that we interact pleasantly and let SRC know that they’re helping members of Parliament complete their work, not frustrating them. We can guarantee that nothing will change, and if it does, it won’t alter much “Added he.

At the introduction retreat, MPs will hear from SRC Chairperson Lyn Mengich, according to Wetangula.

I have invited the chair, who will be present, but she won’t arrive until after I’ve made the communications I’ve promised. SRC will be completely engaged.

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