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Nyali: 1,500 students are not in class because the school entrance is shut.

In Nyali, located in Mombasa County, more than 1,500 pupils are unable to attend classes due to ongoing disputes between the county authorities and the school management.

Footage captured by local media outlets shows the school gate securely locked with chains, and access further hindered by deflated tires from two school buses.

This recent incident is just one in a series of conflicts involving the school. In March, armed individuals invaded the premises, causing damage to its perimeter wall.

According to residents of Nyali, the school finds itself embroiled in a legal dispute, with allegations pointing to a wealthy family claiming ownership of the land where the school is situated.

Local residents assert that the incident was orchestrated to intimidate individuals associated with the school into vacating the premises.

According to reports, the armed intruders allegedly issued threats to both teachers and residents during their intrusion.

In response to the escalating tensions, residents have called upon the National Land Commission (NLC) to intervene before the situation deteriorates further.

They emphasized that the ongoing disputes are adversely affecting the students, leading to disruptions in their academic year.

“We have made efforts to bring this matter to the attention of county officials, with the aim of purchasing a portion of the land where our homes are located, rather than continuing to pay rent indefinitely,” stated one resident during a media briefing.

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