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Interior CS Kindiki Kithure

Interior CS Kindiki Intervenes on Jeff Mwathi Death

On Friday, March 10, Interior Cabinet Secretary KIthure Kindiki ordered Amin Mohamed, Director of Criminal Investigation, to send a homicide team to look into the Jeff Mwathi death case involving well-known Mugithi singer Dj Fatxo.

“On the matter of the late Jeff Mwathi, I have spoken to the DCI Mr. Amin this morning and instructed him to send a homicide team from the DCI headquarters to thoroughly investigate the incident and take the necessary action,” Kindiki announced.

He continued by praising the DCI’s quick response in the situation that had sparked online outrage. “I thank the DCI for his quick action on this matter. The homicide team from the DCI headquarters is dispassionate, which will help resolve the claims of collusion at Kasarani Police Station where the matter was reported,” he added.

According to reports, Jeff Mwathi jumped out of the apartment window of the well-known local DJ.

DJ Fatxo

The 23-year-old interior designer allegedly traveled with the artist and other companions to four nightclubs before returning home.

Before the artist left Mwathi in the flat with his cousin and other people, the party travelled to spend the night at an apartment in Safari Park Estate.

CCTV footage, however, shows that the cousin of the artist and another person went downstairs and looked around before going up to the apartment room.

Mwathi’s body was reportedly spotted falling from the 12th floor and landing on concrete, according to sources.

As his body was sent to the mortuary, it was apparently not given a medical checkup.

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