They agreed to get married, the soiled man tells the court.

A man who was 18 when he allegedly defiled a 14-year-old girl in 2020 said that the two had made plans to wed.

The defendants said they were lovers in a marriage-minded relationship in a statement submitted to the court.

The defendant, who is now 20 years old, worked as a farmhand nearby. He claimed the girl had asked him to assist her in enrolling in Form One, but he had informed her he could not afford to cover her tuition but was willing to marry her.

The father, who was accused of defiling the child twice in his home, said that the girl’s mother encouraged her to file a lawsuit against him after they decided to further their relationship.

According to the charging sheet, the accused violated the girl in the Kapseret sub-county between November 23 and November 26, 2020.

In front of Chief Magistrate Dennis Mikoyan, he refuted the accusation.

Due to absent prosecution witnesses, the case has been postponed numerous times since October 2020.

The investigating officer is now required by the magistrate to make sure that all bound witnesses show up in court.

On November 9, the case will be discussed.

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