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Top talent showcased at national music gala

Anyang’ Nyong’o, the governor of Kisumu, congratulated the committee for picking the lakeside city, noting that it was a significant boost following the Africities Conference. More than 600 classes, comprising students from kindergarten through university, entered the festival this year.

For the first time, several students from public schools attended. Other attendees included Chief Administrative Secretary Sarah Ruto, representative of the National Music Festival Peter Wanjohi, Senior Deputy Director of the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development Jacqueline Onyango, and Executive Secretary of the National Music Festival Janet Langat.

Nelson Sifuna, the regional director of education, welcomed the attendees and asked them to experience some of the tourism attractions that the lakeside city has to offer.

Nkoikake Boarding Primary School performed the Maasai folk song “Enchipai” (Happiness), which was typically sung by young boys and girls on happy occasions, during the official opening. In order to honor the bride, it was often conducted during marriages.

Poem “My Atlas” from KBA School in Nairobi’s Kahawa West was another captivating work. The poem, written by Mulama George, uses the slogan “My Kenya, My Pride” to highlight the diverse and untapped natural treasures of the nation. Eunice Wangui, Emily Akoyo, Joan Mukami, Christine Njoki, and Pabreanne Mwende delivered the presentation.

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