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Muhoozi Kainerugaba

Uganda to defend Moscow?

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s mercurial son declared on Thursday that his country would send troops to defend Moscow if it came under threat. “Call me a ‘Putinist’ if you will, but we, Uganda shall send soldiers to defend Moscow if it’s ever threatened by the Imperialists!” Muhoozi Kainerugaba said on Twitter.

Kainerugaba, well known for his frequently erratic Twitter rants on a variety of topics, declared earlier this month that he would be running for president in the 2026 elections.

In addition, he disclosed on Thursday that a television and radio station operating under the MK brand, led by a former special forces spokesperson, would launch in Russia.

Muhozi Kainerugaba and Rwandan president

According to Uganda’s constitution, Kainerugaba is not permitted to publicly discuss foreign policy or sovereign states while he is an active military officer.

During UN votes on the conflict, including one last month commemorating the war’s first anniversary and calling for Moscow to remove its forces immediately and unconditionally, Uganda has abstained.

Museveni has previously defended his nation’s links to the Russian government.

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