US applauds Uhuru’s appointment as peace ambassador and declares that “His work will be crucial.”

The former president Uhuru Kenyatta’s nomination as Kenya’s peace envoy to the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes area has been hailed by the U.S. Department of States’ Bureau of African Affairs.

The Bureau stated on Twitter on Friday that Uhuru will continue to be instrumental in promoting negotiations and peaceful resolutions of any problems that are currently occurring or that are yet to arise in the aforementioned locations.

The Bureau of African Affairs tweeted, “We applaud the appointment of Uhuru Kenyatta as peace envoy for the conflict in Northern Ethiopia and in Eastern DRC. A key time for both crises – his work will be crucial.

On matters pertaining to sub-Saharan Africa, the Bureau is in charge of advising the Secretary of State. The consolidation of democratic advancements across African countries, boosting economic growth, and halting the spread of HIV and AIDS are three important problems it strives to solve.

President William Ruto gave Uhuru the responsibility of leading Kenya’s peace initiatives across the aforementioned region during his inauguration ceremony on Tuesday.

President Ruto gave his first address to the nation after being sworn in as the nation’s head of state.

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