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Hippo in lake victoria

16 Year Old Boy Killed By a Hippo in Lake Victoria

A family in Nyakach, Kisumu, is grieving the loss of their 16-year-old son who was attacked in Lake Victoria by a hippopotamus.

The event occurred in West Nyakach’s Sangoburu neighborhood. The  tragedy struck when the child was herding livestock close to the lake. Later, the villagers rushed towards the lake’s shoreline when heard the class eight student cry for help.

Afterwards, the boy’s death was discovered floating in the lake by a fisherman. He had been physically hurt during the attack.

The Kenya Wildlife Agency has been urged by the locals to resolve the ongoing dispute between people and wildlife permanently. However, plans for the student’s funeral have begun, so the body has been brought to a local mortuary.

A year ago, a 25-year-old woman was killed by a hippopotamus at the shores of Lake Victoria. The woman, identified as Michelle Indihazi who was a researcher, was attacked by the hippo at Utajo beach in Rusinga East, Mbita Sub-county. Michele who was a resident of Trans Nzoia County, alongside her colleagues, had been researching the prevalence of HIV/AIDS along beaches in Mfangano Island.

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