Kiambu County suffers from a cholera outbreak.

Within Kiambu County, at least five patients with cholera have been admitted to various hospitals.

Two of those who were hospitalized, according to Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi, are in critical condition.

“As a response to the outbreak, we have taken measures to monitor and coordinate response with the aim of bringing the cholera outbreak to an end and protecting our people from the infectious disease,” Governor Wamatangi said.

It’s believed that a catering company brought the food from Nairobi to the wedding venue.

There are four cases in Limuru, three in Ruiru, three in Kiambaa, two in Gatanga, one each in Kiambu Town and Juja, and one unidentified case as of October 16th, 2022.

Due to concerns of a potential cholera epidemic in Kiambu the week before the incident, the Ministry of Health had put Nairobi County on high alert.

The acute diarrheal illness known as cholera is brought on by an infection of the intestines with the Vibrio cholerae bacteria.

Early infection symptoms include vomiting, rapid heartbeat, loss of skin elasticity, dry mucous membranes, low blood pressure, thirst, cramping in the muscles, and agitation or restlessness.

Although the infection is mostly minor or symptomless, it can occasionally be serious and life-threatening.

A cholera outbreak was reported in Nairobi’s Kamukunji neighborhood by the ministry in May.

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