22-person Cabinet of President Ruto How Much Do They Make? What Benefits Do They Get?

After President William Ruto announced the names of the people he has selected to serve in his Cabinet on Tuesday, Cabinet Secretaries will start taking use of the benefits listed on their dockets.

However, they must pass a legislative committee’s vetting process before they can receive the benefits.

The CSs will be eligible for a monthly remuneration of Ksh. 924,000 if authorized by the National Assembly.

A CS is qualified for a base salary of Ksh. 554,400, a home allowance of Ksh. 200,000, and a market adjustment of Ksh. 169,600, for a total gross compensation of Ksh. 924,000, according to a recent Gazette notification from the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC).

Additionally, Cabinet Secretaries will be given an official state vehicle with a maximum 3000cc engine.

They will also receive medical benefits, which include annual medical coverage for one spouse and up to four children who are completely dependent on the state officer and are under the age of twenty-five.

Following are the benefits: Inpatient Ksh 10 million, Outpatient Ksh 300,000, Maternity Ksh 150,000, Dental Ksh 75,000, and Optical Ksh 75,000.

A Ksh. 10 million auto loan and a Ksh. 40 million mortgage will also be available to state officials.

State officials will receive a daily subsistence payment for both domestic and international travel at the rates periodically evaluated and established by SRC.

A monthly Airtime incentive of up to Ksh. 20,000 will also be given to them.

A security team must be given and cannot be exchanged for money, per the Inspector-General of Police’s recommendations.

The constitution of Kenya states that the primary duty of Cabinet Secretaries is to oversee and direct ministries. They all report to the president and are required to update the parliament on their ministries on a regular basis.

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