You are currently viewing Burkina Faso’s president resigns on the terms of a safety guarantee from the coup leader.

Burkina Faso’s president resigns on the terms of a safety guarantee from the coup leader.

Captain Ibrahim Traore, the self-appointed head of the military in Burkina Faso, has reportedly accepted the president’s offer of a conditional retirement in order to stop additional violence following the failed coup on Friday, according to religious and traditional authorities.
The agreement, which was made public at a press conference, stated that Traore had consented to seven conditions, including the assurance of Damiba’s safety and the security of the soldiers who supported him as well as the fulfillment of commitments made to the West African regional bloc to restore constitutional rule by July 2024.

Damiba was unavailable for comment. According to a close relative, he fled the nation on Sunday.

Following violent protests against the French embassy and days of warfare as his faction attempted to overthrow the government, Traore earlier claimed that order was being restored.

As France’s influence as the former colonial power begins to decline, divisions within the army have surfaced, with many soldiers seeking to seek Russian help.

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After an officer claimed that France had protected Damiba at a French military facility in the West African nation and that he was preparing a counter-offensive, Traore’s team asked people to stop attacking the French embassy, which had been attacked by demonstrators.

After his dismissal on Friday, the French foreign ministry denied that the base had housed Damiba. Damiba further disputed that he was at the base, claiming that the reports were an intentional attempt to sway public opinion.

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