President William Ruto to Give an Italian company 300,000 acres of land

Eni Spa, an Italian energy company, will get 300,000 acres of land in Kenya from President William Ruto.

On Thursday, March 2, at State House Nairobi, Ruto met with the country’s director general of natural resources, Guido Brusco, and said that the property will produce biofuel.

The President of State said the designated land would be in disadvantaged communities. “We commit to providing Eni Spa with between 250,000 and 300,000 acres of land in marginal areas for the production of biofuels,” Ruto stated.

He did not, however, specify the regions or the terms and conditions under which the government would allot the land.
By specializing in biofuel manufactured from castor oil farmed in the counties of Baringo, Makueni, Nakuru, and Mombasa, the Italian company had been gaining ground in the nation.
Over 40,000 acres of land, Eni Spa is producing castor oil, with ambitions to expand to 200,000 acres.
As Eni Spa officials revealed that there are expansion plans, Ruto praised them.

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