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Victor Bwire MCK Media training and development director

The Media Council Declares Cell Phones Professional

MCK claims that their research has proven that Kenya’s media practices have changed as a result of the accessibility and appropriation of digital technology.

Mobile phones are being utilized for more activities than only taking pictures and making films, including recording voice clips and live media streaming, according to a statement from MCK.

The council consequently suggested that journalists be permitted to gather news via mobile phones to the general public and security personnel.

The statement continued, “The Council has noted certain disagreements between some security personnel and leaders on the use of these devices to capture and transmit news from public events and wishes to stress that mobile/smart phones, while in use by professional trained and accredited journalists and media practitioners, should be authorized when needed.

When utilizing phones for news gathering, the council cautioned journalists to take the Media Council Act 2013 into account.

Although covert cameras and phones are not allowed unless there is NO OTHER means to get the news, clause 8 of the code of conduct allows for their use.

Many journalists have reported instances where security personnel took their phones away while they were recording public events.

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