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Child in fourth grade commits suicide in the classroom

An inquiry has been opened by the police and provincial officials into the death of a 12-year-old student who is thought to have committed suicide inside a classroom at Sare Primary School in Awendo, Migori County.

According to the area chief, Paul Ogweno, students who had just arrived at school on Tuesday morning discovered the body of the grade four student hanging inside the classroom.

Ogweno stated that they have not yet determined what happened before the boy committed suicide. The student left home early in the morning, according to the mother of the kid, and did not mention any issues he was having.

The deceased’s body was sent to the mortuary at Rapcom Hospital for an autopsy and a police inquiry.

The local chief has meantime urged parents to speak with their children frequently so that they can be aware of some of the difficulties they are facing.

He said that, among other things, family troubles could be the source of many children’s mental illness. Parents’ attention and emotional support are lacking, and they decide to commit suicide.

Children and adults who are under stress should both receive the necessary psychosocial help, according to Ogweno.

According to data from the county department of health, there have been a growing number of cases of mental illness in Migori County.


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